DIY Self-Examination

So often, Dr Cheung has seen patients who have either been worrying about a symptom that is benign, or conversely, patients who unfortunately thought their symptom was not important and neglected it. 

It’s a matter of a prompt check by a dedicated breast specialist to work out the best way forward. 

If you have persistent symptoms please seek urgent medical attention or book in for a consultation. Dr Cheung performs in-room breast ultrasounds that can help you clarify your symptoms so that there is no guessing whether something is worrying or not.

  • Dr Cheung’s patient DIY self-breast examination flyer is here.
  • To discover your personal risk factors please click here.
  • And remember to perform self-breast examination in the shower, lying down or in front of a mirror – because 40% of all breast cancer is found through self-examination.
  • If you are eligible for a free screening mammogram, don’t put it off, because a screening mammogram can pick up breast cancers as small as a grain of rice, often 2 years before a palpable lump develops.

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