Breast Cancer

Breast Anatomy

The female breast consists of the following components 

  • Connective tissue 
  • Fat 
  • Nipple 
  • Milk glands (lobules that produce and supply milk) 
  • Special ducts that transfer milk from lobules to nipple  
  • Areola (the area surrounding the nipple that is brownie/pink)

10 facts about female breasts you may not know 

  1. Female breasts are rarely symmetrical and in most women, the left breast is slightly larger than the right. Up to 20 per cent difference in size between breasts is normal, however sudden changes are not. Breast cancer is also slightly more common in the left breast. 
  2. The developed female breast has up to 20 lobes of branching glands which spread out from the nipple.
  3. The lobes are separated by connective tissue, and there is also lots of fat tissue in the breast which is what makes breasts soft. 
  4. Breast size is a highly heritable trait.
  5. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female first. 
  6. Breasts continue to grow for two to four years after a girl begins to menstruate. 
  7. The upper quadrant of the breast is the most common site for cancer 
  8. Women with dense breasts are up to five times more increased risk of breast cancer so ask about this at your next screening. 
  9. More than 40% of breast cancer is found by women who examine their own breasts, so follow Dr Cheung’s DIY self breast check advice here
  10. 80% of women currently wear the wrong bra size. Click here to find out your correct size online and remember poor fitting bras can cause breast sag, neck and back pain, pain under the breast, cup spillage and even headaches and shoulder pain from bra straps digging in.

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