Breast Cancer

Dr Cheung’s Philosophy

Dr Cheung has over 20 years of experience in the field of breast surgery. She and her team has had the privilege of being there for her patients through thick and thin.  She is thoroughly mindful of how stressful it is when a patient is first given the diagnosis of breast cancer. As there are many different tumour types of breast cancers,  treatment is extremely individualised to the tumour type and patient factors.

Patient’s with a new breast cancer diagnosis will be prioritized to an urgent appointment so that a treatment plan is formulated and expedited with our team of cancer specialists.

Dr Cheung’s rooms are also equipped with high resolution breast ultrasound scanning.  She routinely performs targeted breast ultrasounds to ensure thorough assessment and surgical planning. She sees direct benefits in being able to reassure patients of their symptoms as well as at times, been able to detect lesions that are otherwise overlooked.

Dr Cheung’s philosophy in the treatment of breast cancer can be encompassed by the following:  practical, multidisciplinary, expedient, individualised, precise, evidence-based. She and her team is there to support her patients for the long term.

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