Breast Cancer

Breast Lumps

What are breast lumps?

  • A breast lump is a growth of tissue or a localised swelling that feels different to the surrounding breast tissue.
  • It is normal for breast tissue to change throughout the menstrual cycle with most women experiencing tenderness and lumpiness at regular intervals.
  • Being familiar with the changes in how your breast tissue feels at different stages throughout your cycle, and regular checking, is important to help identify new lumps should they occur.
  • It’s also important to remember that 40% of all women find breast cancer lumps themselves. 

Dr Cheung’s three step breast examination technique (shower, lying down and mirror) can be found here

What are the symptoms for breast lumps?

  • A defined lump with definite borders
  • A thickened area that feels different to the surrounding breast tissue
  • A firm hard mass within the breast
  • A visible difference in breast sizes
  • Breast pain or tenderness

What are the treatments for breast lumps?

  • All lumps should be examined by a doctor.
  • Lumps are commonly found to be normal lumpiness caused by menstrual cycle changes, cysts, fibroadenomas or other benign conditions. However occasionally lumps can be breast cancer and should be investigated if the lump remains after two weeks.

This is not a substitute for medical advice. Please see your GP or breast surgeon if you have breast lumps.

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