Breast Cancer

Oncoplastic Surgery

  • The dynamic field of oncoplastic surgery is a combination of cancer surgery with traditional plastic surgery techniques to remove breast cancers and simultaneously leave the remaining breast as intact as possible. 
  • Dr Cheung is a leading light in oncoplastic breast surgery, a technique which gives patients confidence in their body image, knowing they can preserve their natural breasts, without leaving the breast distorted or asymmetric. The technique has provided enormous benefits for many women healing from both the physical and emotional journey of breast cancer.
  • Oncoplastic options are diverse and Dr Cheung assesses patients for a range of characteristics including the type of cancer, the patient’s body shape and breast shape and the patient’s desired outcomes.  
  • Knowing the techniques of oncoplastic surgery is a game changer for patients who have tumours in unfriendly places in the breast (eg near the nipple, or in the lower part of the breast) where many breast surgeons will say a mastectomy is their preferred operation. 


What is “hidden” scar surgery?

  • Dr Cheung performs hidden scar surgery for many procedures, which means, where possible, many women do not receive a daily reminder of their breast cancer every day.  
  • “Hidden” scar surgery is available for women needing a mastectomy or lumpectomy, and whilst all women can consider it, the procedure is approved based on the size and location of your tumour.
  • Dr Cheung will assess each case to see whether the surgery involves a chest scar or if the scar can be hidden in the armpit, or in the breast crease or areola.


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