Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


This is an implant-free procedure used to plump up breasts and create a natural, small increase in breast size, using your body’s own fat cells.

This technique avoids any rare allergic reactions linked to implants or injections of chemical agents.

Women opt for this technique particularly if they want to avoid breast implants or this can be used as an adjunct to breast implant surgery as well.

This technique is also suitable for cosmetic patients and in augmentation, it may take more than one operation should a patient wish to increase their breast volume by a few cup sizes. However, it allows women to rid excess fat from one area and augment and enhance the shape of their breasts.

What are the risks of fat transfer breast augmentation?

Risks of fat transfer breast augmentation includes cysts, infection, and less commonly breast microcalcification (tiny deposits of calcium salts too small to be felt which are often detected on imaging).

In most cases, these deposits are benign, but occasionally can be an early sign of breast cancer.

Another rare complication is necrosis or death of fat cells which may cause a lump (of fat cells). These are usually painless and harmless and do not increase your cancer risk.

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