I am a dedicated oncoplastic breast surgeon who believes in a patient centred approach. We work with our multidisciplinary team of specialists and will assist you in choosing the options most suited to you and your condition. There had been major advances in breast surgery and women no longer have to choose a deforming operation. Additionally, advances in perioperative management has made recovery from breast surgery very fast and patients usually spend only a few days in hospital despite major breast reconstructions.

Minimal scar surgery

I always aim to leave the most discrete scars as much as possible so that you are not reminded of your treatment.┬áThe breast is a very “emotive organ” and whether we accept it or not, it affects our psychological and social well being. Having treated thousands of women, I understand the beneficial effects of making patients feel good about their body and body image whilst treating their breast condition with curative intent.

Oncoplastic surgery

This is essentially breast surgery that allows removal of the breast cancer for cure, “onco”, and optimizing cosmetic outcomes, “plastikos”. We adopt this approach to give you better physical and psychological and oncological outcomes. Our re-excision rates from this approach is exceedingly low and patients are often amazed with the lack of discomfort and the improved size and shape of their new breasts.

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

I presented one of the first personal series of nipple sparing mastectomies, which conserves breast skin including the nipples, in Australia confirming the safety and immense patient satisfaction of this technique.

With the era of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (chemotherapy to shrink tumours) we have less and less reasons why we cannot offer patients immediate breast reconstruction. I will go through in detail with you the various options of mastectomies and breast reconstruction from total skin sparing mastectomies (keeping all your skin and nipple) and skin sparing approaches including reconstruction using your own tissue and using different types of implants. We tailor your reconstruction depending on your condition, your body shape and physical fitness and various other factors.

Simple lumpectomy and simple mastectomy

There are certainly patients who just do not want any reconstructive work or have significant medical illness that puts them at high risk of complications. For these patients, we do everything possible to deliver them a swift and complication free journey. Our first priority is in the prevention and curing of breast cancer and certainly there are patients that a more traditional operation such as a simple mastectomy and a simple lumpectomy is the way to go. Our focus on these patients is that they have the best possible care.

Lymph node surgery

The advances in lymph node staging is such that we are now moving into an era of doing less and less invasive surgery to minimize the long term side effects. Every time we consider lymph node surgery, we will weigh out the pros and cons particular to you and your condition.

Breast reduction surgery and Breast lift surgery

A lot of patients have physical problems with larger breasts or breasts that have lost its elasticity and are hanging low (ptosis). This is a very common ailment that unfortunately is persistently disabling. Patients suffer from poor posture, chronic neck and back pain, chronic rash and dermatitis, limitation of their activities, self consciousness and poor self esteem. These operations are traditionally done by plastic surgeons. However, an oncoplastic breast surgeon who does complex cancer operations often incorporating breast reduction and breast lift techniques are able to assess you before, during and after the operation.

Breast Symmetry Surgery

Breast asymmetry can occur without a reason as part of your development or it can occur as part of breast cancer surgery. Particularly, many years after radiotherapy, patients often notice that the treated breast is a lot smaller and sits higher than the other breast. I also have patients where the reconstruction was done a few years ago and because their body weight has changed, certain adjustments need to be made to avoid lopsidedness. Quite often breast symmetry operations are done as a day operation or require only an overnight stay. Patients often say they wished to have had it done earlier.