Dr Deborah CheungDr Deborah Cheung MBBS FRACS
Dr Deborah Cheung is a specialist oncoplastic breast surgeon who is dedicated to providing a tailored holistic approach to provide the best possible outcomes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and on going care of breast diseases and breast cancer.  Having looked after thousands of women first hand and having had friends and close relatives who have gone through the breast cancer journey, she has a thorough understanding of what women go through as an individual in dealing with both benign breast conditions and breast cancer.

Dr Cheung graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 and obtained her surgical fellowship in 2001. She was senior registrar at the Surgical Oncology Unit at Prince of Wales Hospital and had been a consultant breast surgeon since 2002 at the Nepean Hospital, Breast Screen NSW, and Westmead Breast Cancer Institute.  She is the Head of Breast Surgery at the Nepeean Hospital and is instrumental in promoting breast health and fighting for better access to breast cancer care for women in western Sydney.

Throughout the years, she has visited and worked in world renowned surgical and research units, mentored by world class breast surgeons and plastic reconstructive surgeons including at Harvard Medical School, London, Milan and UCLA.

She presented one of the first series of nipple sparing mastectomies in Australia confirming its safety in breast cancer treatment as well as pointing out the superior cosmetic and psychological results for breast cancer patients.

She is one of the few breast surgeons in Australia who has years of experience in  oncoplastic surgery, breast reduction and breast lift surgery, immediate breast reconstruction and breast symmetry surgery.

She  works intimately with her Multidisciplinary team of specialist reconstructive surgeons, oncologists, breast radiologists, breast care nurses, lymphoedema specialists and research scientists.



  • Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand ( Breast SurgANZ)
  • Breast section of RACS
  • COSA Clinical oncological society of Australia
  • Australasia Society of Breast diseases
  • Breast Screen NSW, Westmead
  • American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Clinical Lecturer at Macquarie University Hospital
  • Senior Lecturer at University of Sydney


International postings

  • Brigham Womens’ Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • UCLA
  • Raven Institute, London
  • European Institute of Oncology, Milan


Ongoing research

  • Special interest in breast cancer survivorship
  • Breast cancer prevention
  • Aesthetic results in breast surgery
  • Psychosocial effects of breast cancer treatment